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Consulting & Training

Reddurio Consulting Services can help your organization conduct a thorough analysis of its current business environment, provide recommendations on the necessary steps to develop a customer and employee engagement strategy, improve performance, and realize its vision on achieving specific business outcomes.

In-depth training helps you gain a full understanding of your communication product and solution and its capabilities. Users need to be trained to use the new product, solution or service and all the available features that help realize the anticipated business benefits. Training and support documentation must be made available and easily accessible to everyone. Support teams may need additional technical training to handle the related incidents in addition to learning the new processes introduced by the system or service


Reddurio offers a range of services that go beyond deployment, helping you plan, implement, and integrate your solutions efficiently, in a way that’s practical for your business. We also provide the expertise to help you define the best communications solution, plan for contingencies, and manage the rollout of your solutions effectively.

Maintenance & Support

Choose the right level of support for your business. All options deliver continuous, comprehensive, cost-effective support to help ensure maximum system performance, reliability, and availability of your communications.

Advance Part Replacement

Replacement parts are available for certain covered products. Delivery is flexible with arrival time options. This service provides you with vendor certified parts, helping you avoid having to carry your own parts inventory.

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